Bills “Truly Agreed Upon and Finally Passed”

HB 1270 Meiners Changes name of Crippled Children’s Service
HB 1311 Scharnhorst Relating to autism spectrum disorder
HB 1316 Deeken Relating to assessed valuation on real prop.
HB 1340 Dugger Repeals 321.247, RSMo
HB 1375 Cooper-155 Relating to prescribing medications for STDs
HB 1392 Kirkton Relating to county collectors
HB 1408 Cox Relating to overpayments of taxes
HB 1442 Jones-89 Changes laws regarding city sales taxes
HB 1444 Jones-89 Relating to public body meetings
HB 1472 Franz Adds to the list of controlled substances.
HB 1516 Smith-150 Relating to provisions of law
HB 1524 Largent Revises laws concerning military forces
HB 1540 Lipke Relating to enforcement procedures
HB 1543 Wallace Relating to acts of violence
HB 1544 Fisher Relating to unemployment compensation
HB 1559 Brown-30 Relating to submission of status reports
HB 1595 Dugger Relating to industrial development corps
HB 1612 Molendorp Relating to sewer district boards
HB 1643 Brown-50 Relating to Jackson County
HB 1654 Zimmerman Relating to writ of sequestration
HB 1662 Brown-149 Relating to state veterinarian
HB 1692 Smith-150 Relating to real estate
HB 1695 Stevenson Relating to driving while intoxicated
HB 1741 Pratt Relating to board meetings of corporations
HB 1750 Jones-89 Relating to exchange access rates
HB 1764 Diehl Relating to domestic insurers
HB 1806 Franz Relating to county classification
HB 1831 Jones-117 Relating to school districts
HB 1840 Wright Changes law regarding MO Rice Cert. Act
HB 1848 Holsman Creates the Urban Farming Task Force
HB 1858 Zimmerman Relating to literacy program
HB 1868 Scharnhorst Relating to State Records Commission
HB 1892 Nasheed Relating to ability to issue work certificates
HB 1893 Kelly Relating to gaming funds
HB 1894 Bringer Relating to Department of Mental Health
HB 1898 Zerr Establishes Women’s Heart Health Program
HB 1903 Icet Creates Federal Budget Stab. Extension Fund
HB 1941 Parson Relating to Highway 13 in Polk County
HB 1942 Parson Relating to Emer. Telephone Service 911 Board
HB 1965 McNary Relating to obsolete statutes
HB 1977 Wasson Licensure of emergency medical technicians
HB 2001 Icet Relating to Board of Fund Commissioners
HB 2002 Icet Education Budget
HB 2003 Icet Relating to Higher Education Budget
HB 2004 Icet Department of Revenue Budget
HB 2005 Icet Transportation, OA, and Public Safety Budget
HB 2006 Icet Agriculture, Nat. Res., and Conserv. Budget
HB 2007 Icet Eco Devo, Insurance, Labor, Trans. Budget
HB 2008 Icet Department of Public Safety Budget
HB 2009 Icet Department of Corrections Budget
HB 2010 Icet Mental Health, Health, and Senior Budget
HB 2011 Icet Department of Social Services Budget
HB 2012 Icet Statewide, Judiciary, Gen Assembly Budget
HB 2013 Icet Relating to real property leases
HB 2014 Icet Relating to supplemental purposes
HB 2016 Icet Relating to money for supplemental purposes
HB 2056 Diehl Relating to unpaid maintenance and support
HB 2058 Diehl Relating to mechanic’s liens
HB 2070 Kelly Relating to joint central dispatching services
HB 2081 Riddle Relating to pregnant women
HB 2147 Brown-149 Relating to A+ Program
HB 2161 Guest Defines commercial purposes
HB 2182 Munzlinger Defines the term “agritourism”
HB 2198 Parson Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act
HB 2201 Cox Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
HB 2226 Wasson Relating to marital and family therapists
HB 2231 Wasson Relating to disposition of human remains
HB 2262 Day Establishes Missouri Youth Challenge Academy
HB 2270 Cooper-155 Relating to child abuse medical centers
HB 2285 Thomson Conveyance to the City of Maryville
HB 2290 Wasson Relating to public assistance programs
HB 2297 Molendorp Kansas City Zoological District
HB 2317 Tracy Relating to conveyance of state properties
HCR 38 Icet Relating to unfunded mandates
HCR 46 Funderburk Relating to Cap and Trade
SB 578 Shields Relating to port authorities
SB 583 Champion Relating to insurance markets
SB 586 Bartle Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB 588 Nodler Relating to property tax liability notices
SB 630 Cunningham Relating to manufactured homes
SB 644 Shields Relating to taxes to fund tourism
SB 649 Days Relating to the designation of Girl Scout day
SB 733 Pearce Higher education academic scholarship program
SB 739 Lembke Relating to fire Department employee residency
SB 753 Dempsey Relating to the investment of cemetery funds
SB 754 Dempsey Relating to cemeteries
SB 758 Rupp Relating to interstate compact agencies
SB 771 Scott Relating to depositaries for public funds
SB 772 Scott Relating to investments in MO Edu. savings
SB 774 Lembke Relating to department of mental health
SB 777 Pearce Relating to certain loan transactions
SB 791 Griesheimer Relating to sewer districts
SB 793 Mayer Relating to abortion
SB 795 Mayer Relating to blasting safety
SB 808 Callahan Relating to public administrators
SB 834 Rupp Liquidation of certain insurance companies
SB 842 Schmitt MO HealthNet division’s authority to collect
SB 844 Shields Relating to contracts for elected officials
SB 851 Schmitt Public notice required for certain meetings
SB 884 Schaefer Relating to the tobacco master settlement
SB 928 Lager Sales tax treatment of sales for resale
SB 940 Pearce Relating to bingo
SB 942 Rupp Relating to research park annexation
SB 981 Callahan Relating to taxes imposed to fund activities
SB 984 Lembke Prohibited acts on excursion gambling boats
SB 987 Stouffer Relates to funding for research projects by UM
SB 1007 Dempsey Relating to public assistance programs
SCR 31 Pearce Relating to international education curricular
SCR 33 Nodler Community depository institutions
SCR 35 Stouffer Relating to the Missouri State Tax Commission
SCR 36 Schmitt Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
SCR 51 Stouffer Relating to the Missouri River
SCR 56 Schmitt Relating to the Dept. of Natural Resources

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