Bold Nebraska pleased, but not satisfied with special session turn (AUDIO)

Bold Nebraska considers the turn of events in the special session a victory, though the organizations still hopes to stop the Keystone XL pipeline altogether.
Bold Nebraska’s Jane Kleeb says citizens defeated Big Oil when TransCanada announced it would move the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline away from the Sand Hills. She quickly adds she doesn’t trust TransCanada.
“So, I think as citizens and landowners we will continue to watch them like a hawk,” Kleeb tells Nebraska Radio Network.
Kleeb says the organization will watch TransCanada to make sure that if it does get a permit for the pipeline that it is built in the safest place with the most safeguards in place.
Success in passing pipeline regulations during the special session at the Capitol looked bleak at one point. Then, the federal Department of State announced it wanted the company to consider alternative routes in Nebraska, especially routes around the environmentally sensitive area of the Sand Hills. That triggered a chain reaction in which TransCanada agreed to move Keystone and the legislature agreed to pay for a supplemental environmental study and have the governor sign off on any alternative route.
Most believe the events in the special session clear the way for Keystone XL to eventually get is federal presidential permit. Kleeb isn’t so sure.
“You know, I guess in my gut, I say no,” Kleeb says. “I think that the more you look into tar sands, the more you see that it is not a sustainable source of fuel. It’s not a safe source of fuel.”
Kleeb says Bold Nebraska now takes its case to President Obama, urging him to deny TransCanada its permit.
AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45 mp3]
ADUIO: Brent Martin interviews Bold Nebraska’s Jane Kleeb [2:45 mp3]