Sen. Nelson pleased with Keystone XL movement in legislature

Senator Ben Nelson today commended the Nebraska Legislature and Speaker Mike Flood for their leadership in stepping forward to assert the state’s rights concerning the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project.
“This has always been a state’s rights issue for me and it’s been gratifying to see Nebraskans’ rights being exercised on a major project in our state,” Senator Nelson said on his weekly conference call with members of the Nebraska media. “I commend the Nebraska Legislature for stepping forward to address issues concerning the proposed pipeline’s route, safety and impact.
“I also commend the Speaker of the Legislature, Speaker Flood. He’s done an outstanding job in negotiating with TransCanada a new route taking the pipeline out of the Sand Hills, and for working on legislation asserting the state’s rights in determining an acceptable alternative route.”
With TransCanada agreeing to reroute the Keystone XL Pipeline and the U-S State Department delaying the permit process until environmental studies are complete, could the project be delayed until after the 2012 election? Senator Nelson says the time frame isn’t really the issue. He is more concerned that the project is reviewed.
Senator Nelson isn’t expecting extended or unnecessary delays. He stated the Nebraskans he talked to are more concerned that the project is done right and with no impact to the environment.