Postal Service mulls closing Norfolk mail processing center

As the U.S. Postal Service continues looking for ways to become profitable, it’s considering closing the mail processing center in Norfolk, eliminating or moving 45 jobs.
Closure may come as soon as March of next year with the work being transferred to Omaha.
Dawn Bayer, who manages all postal offices with ZIP codes that begin with 686 and 687 in Nebraska, says Norfolk is among 250 processing centers nationwide that might be shut down as a cost-saving measure.
“We’re checking transportation to see if it’s doable,” Bayer says. “We check staffing in the Norfolk post office to see how many would be impacted versus how many would be impacted in Omaha, the volume of mail in Norfolk if we could process it into Omaha and give the best service standards that we could if that happened.”
Bayer says if the Norfolk facility is closed, 33 employees would have the opportunity to move to Omaha.
“There would be 11 craft employees that would be effected and one manager that would be effected that may not have a job after it’s all done,” she says.
About a hundred people packed a Monday night hearing in Norfolk to discuss the issue. Bayer says the postal service is to make its decision shortly after the first of the year.
Jim Curry, WJAG, Norfolk