Osborne confident NU fans will be safe

The Huskers continue with their preparation for tomorrow’s game against Penn State. The game will move forward despite the riots on campus late Wednesday night. The University is also taking some extra steps in security. More police officers will be on hand. And assistant coach Mike McQueary who testified to the grand jury will not be at the stadium after receiving multiple death threats. NU Athletic Director Tom Osborne thinks Husker fans attending the game will be safe, but says be cautious.
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As far as the Husker players themselves, they’ve done a really good job of staying focused this week and I think the one thing that helped in all of this was the fact that they didn’t play their best against Northwestern and as you heard more and more from the players, it kind of leaked they overlooked that game. Different focus, different intensity and Bo Pelini thinks his players will be able to block out the distractions around Penn State.