Senator Nelson's Veteran's Day message

U-S Senator Ben Nelson will be spending Veteran’s Day in Omaha. He will attend ceremonies at 11 am at Memorial Park that are sponsored by the Omaha American Legion Post #1.
The following is Senator Nelson’s Veterans Day message for 2011:
“Veterans Day is an important and somber time when we pause to honor the dead and the living; the young men and women who in every war have shown their courage and their loyalty to our country.
“This is a day when Americans celebrate and honor our veterans, for their patriotism, their love of country, their willingness to serve, and for their sacrifice for the common good.
“As President Kennedy said during Veterans Day ceremonies 50 years ago, ‘I do not believe that any nation in the history of the world has buried its soldiers farther from its native soil than we Americans……
“Or buried them closer to the towns in which they grew up.’
“Veterans kept their promise to us by carrying out their duties with honor and America must always keep its promises to them. We’re helping to do that in the Heartland area by overhauling the Omaha VA Medical Center and establishing a new National Cemetery in eastern Nebraska.
“The contributions veterans have made for liberty cannot be measured and their sacrifice will never be forgotten.”