Senator Johanns – update on State Department TransCanada Issue

Nebraska lawmakers remain busy in Lincoln developing legislation that would prevent TransCanada from building the Keystone Pipeline through the Sandhills. As lawmakers at the state level continue their work there is word that the State Department in D-C may be looking at a new route for the Keystone Pipeline. U-S Senator Mike Johanns says if this rumor is true it will be a relief.
Senator Johanns stated, “If this is sincere effort by the State Department that this route has become so difficult and there are issues relative to the aquifer. There are issues relative to the sandy nature of the soil they are trying to go through. What they are engaging in is if there is a better alternative. Not only will I do what I can to support their effort but I’ll applaud their effort to look at another route.”
There are also rumors that delays in granting TransCanada a permit to build the pipeline will be delayed until after the 2012 election. Senator Johanns does not agree with that move.
Again, Senator Johanns stated today he is not against the pipeline project but is against the location through the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer.