Senator Nelson joins bipartisan "Fair Compliance Act" to delay EPA regulations

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is co-sponsoring a bipartisan “Fair Compliance Act” that would give utility companies across the country extra time to comply with EPA rules.
Senator Nelson says “this legislation would help preserves jobs in our state as well as protects hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans from sudden and steep increases in utility bills. It would give utilities that operate coal fired power plants a reasonable time frame to meet two new clean air regulations.”
The deadline for Phase I is January 1, 2012 and Phase II is January 1, 2014. This legislation would add two years to Phase I and three years to Phase II for completion. Senator Nelson says “the current deadlines for force the average electricity price in the bill to rise nationwide by 11.5-percent by 2016. In some areas utility bills could go up 12 to 23-percent. That is just unreasonable.”
Senator Nelson says Nebraska utility companies are publically owned and they were not included initially in having to meet the cross-state pollution requirements. They learned just three months ago they would have to comply with the rule and do so by the January 1st deadline.