Meetings to be held on animal disease traceability

New rules the USDA plans to impose on animal disease traceability will be discussed at meetings in Thayer and Gage counties tomorrow.
The meetings are designed to inform livestock producers about the new rules, according to Jordan Dux, the national affairs director for the Nebraska Farm Bureau.
“The biggest part of it is that it will be a mandatory program, mandatory for livestock crossing over the state border,” Dux says. “Producers would need to come into compliance with that.”
Dux says the comment period runs through the end of December but it will take a while for it to be in full effect.
“Once that comment period is over, we’re looking at a new livestock traceability program being implemented in a year to two years after that,” he says.
Dux says the rules may apply to all types of livestock but the meetings will focus on cattle producers.
Producers will be required to have their livestock I-D’d if they’ll be taking them across the border, with a few exemptions like in the case of commuter herds, but otherwise, most animals will need to have an official USDA ear tag.
The meetings Thursday are at the 4-H Activities Building in Deshler at 2 PM and at the Beatrice Livestock Sale Barn at 7 PM.
Other meetings will be going on across the state, put on by The Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Cattlemen and the State Department of Agriculture.
For more information, contact the Nebraska Department of Ag or the Farm Bureau.
Stan Smith, KUTT, Fairbury