Felony charges against NU Volleyball player Cook dropped

Nebraska volleyball star Lauren Cook who was charged earlier this morning with a felony in a traffic accident on October 30th that left two people injured, could have those charges dropped after she enters a pretrial diversion program.  The program is available to first-time offenders charged with certain types of crimes in Lancaster County.
Cook made her first appearance in Lancaster County Court on Tuesday and was charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident. Cook called 9-1-1 eight minutes after the accident. If convicted, she could have faced up to five years in prison and a revocation of her driver’s license for up to 15 years. Cook continues to be indefinitely suspended from the Nebraska volleyball team.
The charges can be dismissed if she would complete community service.  It could take up to as long as a year to complete the program.  It’s possible some of her community service already tied to the volleyball team could count towards this program.  Details are still being worked out.
Once she completes this program, the arrest would come off of her record.