Marlowe denies Huskers overlooked Northwestern

Following an emotional win against Michigan State, I used the term “trap game” which I dislike, but I questioned if Nebraska would overlook Northwestern with road games at Penn State and Michigan coming up? Quarterback Taylor Martinez seemed to suggest that perhaps some players did overlook this game, but Tim Marlowe told the media on Monday the exact opposite…or did he?
Marlowe caught his first career touchdown at Nebraska, coming in the third quarter that cut the Wildcats lead to 14-10. On Monday at the Huskers’ weekly press conference he said, “We don’t overlook anybody. That certainly wasn’t the case. Maybe we just didn’t come out with the same fire that we did against Michigan State. When we played Michigan State, everyone was doubting us. Even people in our own papers were picking against us. I think that really fired us up. That’s a game that’s easy to get pumped up for, whereas Northwestern, where you are favored, sometimes it is hard to get up for those games.”
In my opinion, and I may be mincing words here, but that’s overlooking a team. I don’t doubt that the mental and physical preparation was put in place prior to the game, but if a team can’t get “fired up” for a home conference game, that is overlooking an opponent. As we learned on Saturday, if any component of preparation and execution is compromised the results usually end in a loss…especially in the Big Ten.