Bellevue Police Officer attacked while trying to come to the aid of a woman

Sarah Owens

Woman Arrested

A Bellevue police officer is recovering from injuries after trying to come to the aid of a woman who appeared to be in distress Monday night. Bellevue Police Chief John Stacy says the officer saw a woman along side of a road and appeared to be in distress. She was not wearing any shoes and was covered in mud. The officer pulled over and started walking toward the woman when she turned and attacked.
Chief Stacy says the woman, identified as 22 year old Sarah Owens then took a swing at the officer. Both the officer and Owens went down into the mud where the officer was bit and scratched. That continued until two men stopped to help the officer restrain the woman. A “help an officer” call was then placed and officers from Bellevue, Omaha and the sheriff’s department arrived at the scene.
Both Owens and the officer were taken to a hospital for treatment. The officer was treated and released. Owens was checked out and then taken to the Sarpy County Jail. Owens was booked for assaulting an officer, third-degree with injury, assault on a police officer with bodily fluid and obstructing and resisting arrest.