Omaha Council will decide Occupy Omaha request

Nebraska’s Occupy Omaha group will get a chance Tuesday to convince the Omaha City Council to let them camp overnight in Elmwood Park. The group is part of a national movement that started in New York City regarding the opposition to what they say is corporate greed.
Omaha City Council President Tom Mulligan doesn’t think it is necessary to allow overnight camping at the park. He says it could be disruptive to classes and activities at the University of Nebraska – Omaha as well as those living near the park.
Elmwood Park closes at 11am reopens at 5 am. Mulligan says the park is open 18 hours and that gives the group plenty of time to hold their protests He is also concerned that if they make this exception to the law that other groups or individuals will camp overnight as well and a city park is not a campground.
The Omaha City Council will vote on Occupy Omaha’s request at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.