Nebraska A-G on Nebraska law reporting child abuse – sexual assault

The nation is buzzing about the accusations against retired Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky that he sexually assaulted eight boys more than a dozen years ago. Two Penn State administrators stepped down and are also facing charges for not reporting the suspected abuse.
Nebraska Attorney Jon Bruning says according to state law there are certain individuals required by law to report any child abuse what-so-ever. He says teachers and doctors by law have to report abuse. However, if you suspect a neighbor that is a different standard.
Head Coach Joe Paterno was apparently told by a grad student he witnessed the abuse. Legal documents show that Paterno did pass that information on to Penn State’s athletic director.
The question now is why didn’t Paterno push the issue and contact law enforcement and would he have a legal obligation to do that in Nebraska?
Bruning says there is not a legal obligation to do so but there is a moral one. He admits he was shocked that the police were not called. Bruning says child abuse – sexual assault is much more prevalent than you may think. He says there have been many improvements in Nebraska regarding laws protecting children and the legislature has been very responsive. He stated that ten years ago someone convicted of having sex with a child would have been sentenced to probation while today they would be looking at serving hard time.