UNMC participating in clinical trial for Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a fear of many and University of Nebraska Medical Center is taking part in a clinical trial that will help determine whether an investigational medication reduces the amount of a certain protein in the brain for those with early onset of the illness.
UNMC is looking for five people who have subjective memory problems but not yet diagnosed with dementia. Each participant will under MRI and PET brain scans to determine of the amyloid protein has accumulated. Amyloid protein is a wax-like substance that gathers in the brain and is thought to cause symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and confusion. If eligible, participants will receive a series of injections proposed to activate the immune system to remove or reduce the amount of that brain protein.
UNMC Professor of Psychiatry Dr. William Burke tells us they don’t know yet how to prevent the protein from accumulating in the brain. They do know that people with Alzheimer’s accumulate this protein for perhaps 10 to 15years before they can be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so this study will try to push that window back and try to treat people early in the process.
Participants must be at least 50-years of age and have subjective memory problems and be in good health. Contact UNMC at 402-552-6005 for more information. UNMC is one of 20 sites across the country participating in this clinical trial.