Senator Johanns introduces legislation regarding EPA's Clean Air Act

U-S Senator Mike Johanns’ office has been working hard on a piece of legislation he introduced this week that will give more time for coal fired power plant owners to make the necessary changes required by the EPA to meet clean air standards.
He says last July the EPA ruled that all power plants using coal needed to make emission upgrades by January 12, 2012. That gave power plants six months time to comply or be fined.
Senator Johanns says not only is the timeline unfair but the cost for power companies to comply is in the millions and millions of dollars. Those costs will be passed along to consumers.
His legislation introduced this week allows power companies three years to develop an implementation plan. Then they will have to put financing plan together, a construction plan, a feasibility plan and an engineering plan to complete the job. He says it is unreasonable to complete within EPA’s six-month requirement and even EPA has stated the changes can not be completed by their deadline.
In order for a power plant to comply it would have to reduce the amount of electricity generated. That could short-change them on what they need for customer use. Senator Johanns says they would have to purchase that power from other sources but with 26 states impacted all will be doing the same thing and there isn’t that much on the grid. Senator Johanns says this is a train wreck waiting to happen. He believes this is the Administration’s promise to do away with coal fired power plants completely. The problem is that there is nothing to replace those facilities that generate our power. It will also hike prices of other fuel sources.
Senator Johanns believes this is the Obama Administration’s way of following through with a campaign promise… no more coal fired power.