Hartington hopes to land new employer for vacant plant

Leaders in Hartington are working to lure a large company to the northeast Nebraska town to take over a vacant factory.
The city council has voted to apply for a half-million dollar community development block grant that would provide a loan fund for a potential new employer.
Chris Miller, president of Hartington Economic Development, can’t name the company — yet.
“It’s going to be a big plus for the community and for the surrounding area and definitely something we’ve been looking forward to for the last five or six years to get a manufacturing business back into that empty plant,” Miller says. “It’ll be a huge plus for the community.”
The total cost of the project is estimated at just over $1.6-million dollars, with most of that coming from the new company. Miller says they hope to nail down the details soon.
“We will be looking at a 60 to 90-day window here before we have total confirmation that the business will be moving to Hartington,” he says. The company is planning on an initial workforce of about 20 workers.
Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton