Fall back – time to change your smoke alarm battery

Standard Time returns this weekend so Saturday night before you go to bed make sure to turn your clocks back one hour. Omaha Assistant Fire Marshall Captain Jim Gentile wants to remind everyone that it is again time to change the batteries in all of the smoke detectors inside your home. He says follow these rules to keep you and your family safe.
It is recommended the battery in each smoke detector be changed every six months. It is also recommended that batteries be tested once each month to make sure they are still working.
Gentile says the more smoke detectors inside a home the better but it is most important they are placed in the hallways where bedrooms are located. It is best recommended that one is placed on every floor of the home and in every room.
Statistics show that 70% of all fire related fatalities are inside homes where there is not a working smoke alarm. You can also increase your chance of survival by 50% by having a working smoke detector inside your home.
Gentile says along with smoke detectors it is extremely important to have a carbon monoxide detector as well. With furnaces and fireplaces now in use, that increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. He also advises furnaces and fireplaces are checked and cleaned by professionals before using on a regular basis.
Many fire departments across the state offer free smoke detectors or installation. Many also provide free smoke detector batteries several times a year.