The three mile stretch of I-680 from the Mormon Bridge to I-29 north of Council Bluffs was completely destroyed by the Missouri River flood. Iowa Department of Transportation spokesperson Dena Gray-Fisher says this stretch of interstate was put on a fast track for repairs and it will reopen to traffic on Wednesday at 2:00 pm.
That is nearly two months ahead of schedule.
Gray-Fisher says both directions will be open and drivers can exit and enter I-680 from I-29. She says the on and off ramps to exit 1 remain closed as there is still repairs to be made.
Construction crews worked around the clock for many days and then scaled back slightly to 18 hours to get the job done ahead of schedule. Iowa D-O-T reports the only flood damaged roads that remain closed is Iowa Highway 175 from Onawa to Decatur, Nebraska and a small section of Highway 333 into Hamburg.
Iowa D-O-T has a time lapsed video of the rebuilding of I-680 on their website:  

I-680 Construction

I-680 Construction
Photographs courtesy of Iowa D-O-T.