Nebraska Humane Society: keep your pets safe tonight

With ghosts and goblins knocking on the door tonight you may not be frightened but your pet may. Pam Wiese with the Nebraska Humane Society tells us Halloween isn’t always a treat for pets and matter of fact it can be down right dangerous. She says the treats being handed out tonight to kids can be dangerous for pets. Chocolate contains a high amount of caffeine which is toxic to dogs and can cause death. Foil wrappers and sticks can get stuck in a dog’s throat or in the digestive system.
Wiese says decorations can also be dangerous. She says those glowing Jack-o-lanterns look like big balls to dogs and their curiosity can get the best of them. If they tip it over it could lead to burned fur or paws or even a house fire. She suggests using a flameless candle.
Wiese says while it is cute to dress an animal up and take him or her with you while trick-or-treating it may not be best for the animal. There will be lots of odd looking children out and about with flashing devices on their costumes and houses with scary sounds. This could frighten even a calm dog. If you insist on taking the pet along, Wiese suggests having an extra adult handle the animal on a short leash so if it acts up that person can take it home.
Wiese says perhaps the most important thing you can do for your pet’s safety tonight is to make sure it has identification. With the door opening many times a dog or cat can easily slip away. She suggests crating your dog and putting cats behind closed doors to prevent an escape.