Don't be scared, get a flu shot

It’s no Halloween ghost story that getting the flu can be a scary experience, one that could even threaten your life.
Kate Lang, immunization director at Public Health Solutions in Crete, says there’s only one required shot this year and the supply of vaccine is very good.
“There’s been plenty of vaccine available and we’ve even been able to order some if we needed some,” Lang says.
Flu shot clinics are underway at schools in many Nebraska communities and Lang says having a child vaccinated helps everyone who may come in close contact with that child.
“Basically, once you get the kids vaccinated, you’re protecting grandma and grandpa and people who probably will get the vaccine but may not have as good a response to the vaccine,” Lang says. “When you vaccinate kids, you’re helping protect your school and your whole community.”
It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to become effective and peak flu season runs from December to March.
Stan Smith KUTT, Fairbury