Omaha man accused of threatening middle school students

A 22 year old developmentally disabled man in Omaha twice walked into a middle school and threatened staff and students. Gregory Rayfield walked into the school last Friday, October 21st and handed staff a threatening note. The school resource officer was called and Rayfield was escorted from the building. He was held for 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation and then released.
Immediately after being released he returned to the school, this time armed with a grill fork. He made his way inside a door that had recently been used by children near the gym and they had accidently kicked a rug under the door preventing it from closing. Rayfield entered the gym with the fork and again made threats. This time he was arrested and is charged with making terroristic threats. His bond is set at $100,000. Police say Rayfield never intended to carry out the threats.