Nebraskans told to prep for losing dozens of post offices

The money-strapped U.S. Postal Service is considering closing hundreds of post offices nationwide, including several dozen in Nebraska.
Residents in the Gage County town of Filley have learned their post office may be doomed. Postal official Todd Case says closure of that post office in southeast Nebraska would force residents to make some changes.
Rural customers will keep their rural boxes but current box customers will be switched to a rural delivery system using a 911 address instead of a P.O. Box.
If the post office closes, Case says residents would be without that brick-and-mortar structure for services like buying stamps and mailing packages, but he says there’s an alternative.
“Your rural carrier is really a post office on wheels,” he says. “They can sell you money orders. They can take care of your custom packages. They can sell you stamps. They can get you certified mail and basically do everything your post office does there from their vehicle.”
Some 60 Filley residents attended a public meeting about their post office on Tuesday night. Postal officials say no decision has been made and they’re accepting public input.
The Postal Service is facing declining revenue from the growing use of electronic mail and stiff competition from other package carriers.
Doug Kennedy, KWBE, Beatrice