Farmers are warned of potential dangers surrounding grain bins

With the harvest season underway across Nebraska, farmers and farm hands are being reminded about the serious dangers of grain bins and wagons.
John Lundell, an injury prevention specialist, says deadly accidents often happen in bins where the grain has been sitting for a while.
Lundell says the so-called out-of-condition grain tends to develop voids where it appears the bin is full, but there are large cavities in it. He says a person will be on top of the cavity and it collapses and they become engulfed.
He says you need to take precautions while working in any grain bin.
Never work alone so you always have help if a problem develops. He says you should wear a harness if you are going inside a bin, and check the air quality inside before going in.
Lundell says becoming engulfed in grain is like drowning in water. He says quicksand is another analogy, as once you step in, you sink to the bottom and it takes a great deal of force to pull you out once you are engulfed.
He says recent trends of storing grain longer have made the problem worse.