Federal Radon Action Week

A recent Harvard University study ranks radon poisoning as the number one in-home hazard. Sarah Morgan with Nebraska’s Health and Human Services says radon can easily make its way into your home. She says radon originates in the soil under homes and due to natural air flows it makes its way into homes.
Morgan says more deaths are caused by radon poisoning every year than all the deaths from handguns, fires and carbon monoxide combined. No home is immune from possible radon contamination. She says if people are exposed to high enough levels or short levels for a long period of time it can lead to lung cancer.
Morgan advises using a home radon detection kit. She says all you do is set one in the basement and later send it to a lab to find out how much radon is inside the home.
This is Federal Radon Action Week. You can find out more about radon by logging onto “radonweek.org”.