Scam targeting seniors during Medicare's open enrollment

It’s the Better Business Bureau’s “Secure Your I-D Week”. With open enrollment underway for Medicare, BBB President and CEO Jim Hegarty says scammers are already hitting the phones with the “best deals” senior citizens could every hope for. He says part of their pitch is to get people to drop Medicare and sell them a different health policy. Of course, that is a phony. The scammers try to convince the senior they have a low cost or free health insurance plan that beats what Medicare offers. Of course they then need checking account numbers, social security numbers and credit card numbers. They then begin siphoning money out of their accounts or steal their I-D.
Hegarty says the latest trick telephone scammers are using on Medicare recipients is called I-D spoofing. That allows the scammers to make caller I-D’s appear that they are coming directly from Social Security. Social Security never calls anyone to begin the Medicare enrollment process.
The Better Business Bureau is also sponsoring a free document shredding this Saturday in Omaha. It will be from 8 am until Noon at 85th and West Dodge Road.