Omaha UFL coach sees brighter days for the league

The four team United Football League has lost more than one-million dollars in the last two years and because of that the season is being cut short. Joe Moglia is the Head Coach for the Omaha Nighthawks and says the key to survival is developing a strong relationship with the National Football League.
The former T-D Ameritrade C-E-O is trying to come up with ways so the struggling UFL can stay afloat. He believes developing a strategic relationship with the NFL is the answer. He says if each NFL team would put up $1-million the UFL would have $32-million to operate. He says that would attract outside investors.
Moglia says if you want to get investors the best way is to have six to eight teams and that would lead to television opportunities and that are a huge revenue generator.
The Nighthawks are preparing for their final game of the season on Friday. It will be held at T-D Ameritrade Ballpark in Omaha.