Nebraskans are paying more at the pump

Gasoline prices in Nebraska have risen about a dime a gallon in the past week.
AAA spokesman Tom Crosby says the financial situation overseas is continuing to have an impact on gasoline prices in the U.S.
“The problem is, there’s a fear of a worldwide recession,” Crosby says. “As those fears recede with the European settlement of their financial problems, the price of oil is going to increase.”
Crude oil prices were falling until a few days ago and Crosby says indications are, they’ll be rising again soon.
Crosby says, “As we in the United States face a continuing recession or a return to what it was two years ago, the dollar is weak and that just pushes the price of crude up.”
Gas prices in Nebraska are averaging $3.50 a gallon. That’s nine-cents higher than a week ago and four cents higher than the national average.
A year ago, the state’s average price for gas was $2.88.