Couple faces sex assault charges after drunken camping trip

A night of drinking at Lake McConaughy over the summer has a married couple facing charges related to sexual assault, child abuse, procuring alcohol to a minor and other charges.
Keith County court records indicate Amy and Brian Rizo, 35 and 34 years old respectively, were arrested in late August after a series of interviews with people that were at the campsite during the night in question On June 1st.
Eyewitness accounts say Brian Rizo had sex with an extremely intoxicated 16-year-old girl from Ogallala, a friend of the couple’s teenage daughter. The couple allegedly provided alcohol for multiple minors before Brian allegedly had sex with the teenager in a tent that Amy was also in.
The victim says she was so intoxicated that night that she remembers very little, but others at the campsite have confirmed her having sex with Brian and one other male, also a teenager. The girl claims it was the first time she had ever been drunk.
Brian Rizo faces multiple felony charges – First Degree Sexual Assault, four counts of Felony Child Abuse and one count of Terroristic Threats for allegedly telling the victim that he would kill her if she told anybody about the adult couple providing alcohol to the minors.
He is also charged with three misdemeanor counts of Debauching a Minor.
Amy Rizo also faces multiple felony charges – Conspiracy First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, Accessory to a Felony, Aiding Consummation of a Felony, and four counts of Felony Child Abuse.
She also faces two misdemeanors related to providing alcohol to minors – Procuring Alcohol for a Minor and Contribution to Delinquency.
The two are due to appear in court on October 28th in front of Judge Donald Rowlands.
Josh Mackey, KOGA, Ogallala