UFL's Nighthawks will play one more game

The United Football League confirmed on Monday that the league will shut down operations cancelling the last two games of the regular season for the four teams. The championship game will be played Friday between Las Vegas and Virginia, but a final “consolation” game will also be played at TD Ameritrade Ballpark in what will be the final Nighthawks game.
Omaha players told their coach Joe Moglia on Sunday they would be open to playing another game as long as it was guaranteed that they would get paid…that will happen. The team returns to the practice field today to prepare for Sacramento. While the game may seem meaningless, it does provide one final opportunity for hopeful players to catch the eye of a NFL scout.
William Mayer, the New York investment banker who funds the Virginia franchise, told the Virginia Pilot that the move will save the UFL about $3.5 million.