Remains of murdered boy found in Missouri River

The remains of a murdered seven year old boy were found in the Missouri River last Thursday. Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes says following up on some evidence found they used a dive team who located the remains Thursday.
Christopher Szczepanik, his mother Jacqueline and father Vanderlei disappeared in December of 2009. The parent’s bodies have not been found.
Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine after nearly two years and a massive flooding event, he is amazed the boy’s body was found.
Kleine says two men are charged with the Szczpanik’s murders. Vladier Goncalves-Santos confessed he took part in the murders. He gave the location as to where the bodies were disposed of. The body of Christopher was found in that location. Goncalves-Santos had told his wife back in Brazil that they were going to torture the family, kill them and throw them off the South Omaha Bridge into the Missouri River.
He, and the others believed to be involved, had worked for the family.
Elias Lourenco-Batista is also a suspect but was deported to Brazil. Kleine says they are trying to get him back in the states.
Jose Oliveira-Coutinho is also charged with the murders.