Nebraska cities rank high in credit score study

Nebraska’s two largest cities rank toward the very top of a new survey that lists metro areas based on their average credit score.
Out of 143 communties nationwide, Lincoln placed 14th while Omaha was #27.
Rod Griffin is a spokesman for Experion, a consumer and business credit reporting company. He says Nebraska’s rankings are very good.
“The credit score represents the information in your credit report and it’s a measure of general credit risk,” Griffin says. “Good credit scores mean that a person is a good credit risk and tells us that you are managing your debts well, which is also a sign of financial health.”
The higher the number, the better. Lincoln’s average credit score was 774 and Omaha’s was 767. The national average is 749. The top-ranking city was Wausau, Wisconsin, with an average score of 789.
Griffin says the report offers consumers some vital financial benchmarks.
He says, “Credit scores are important because they can be a tool people can use to get a good idea of where they stand in terms of their credit-worthiness and their ability to get credit if they need it.”
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