Marketing mind games

A Nebraskans make their weekly shopping trips for groceries, clothing or household supplies, each store you visit has done research on how to get you to spend more. Martin Lindstrom is a marketing expert and has researched the how people shop and what influences them to buy items not on their list and what triggers impulse purchases.
Lindstrom’s research shows that stores are designed so customers walk counter clockwise. Research there shows consumers spend 7% more if stores are designed that way. They also place “speed bumps” at different areas of stores so customers slow down and end up buying more. Lindstrom says even the music is selected to play at a certain momentum that makes you spend more time inside the store.
Lindstrom says perhaps the largest illusion played is in some grocery stores. He says they want the appearance that all the produce comes fresh from the farm and is boxed by the grower. He says actually, a design company came up with what’s known as a dummy and all the produce comes from that big storage bin and placed in individual boxes by the retailer. He says not all stores are guilty of these marketing tricks but says the mist spraying on vegetables makes us believe they are very fresh when actually the water is destroying the produce at a faster rate. He adds that apple you see at the store today may be the same one you saw weeks, even months ago.
Lindstrom’s research also shows that mothers dictate 60-percent of the brands their children will use regularly for the rest of their lives.