Bruning contends Democrats want to defeat him in GOP primary (AUDIO)

US Senate candidate Jon Bruning shares a laugh with Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle

A candidate for the United States Senate who has been the target of criticism by the State Democratic Party claims Democrats have targeted him, because they’re worried he’ll win the Republican primary.
Attorney General Jon Bruning has had to absorb shots about remarks in which he compared welfare recipients to raccoons and allegations that his purchase of a vacation home with Nelnet executives creates a conflict-of-interest.
Bruning contends Democrats have taken aim, hoping to defeat him in the Republican primary.
“The polling shows I’m the front-runner. Nelson knows I’m the front-runner. They’re attacking me, because I’m the front-runner and they don’t want to run against me next fall,” according to Bruning. “But, Nebraskans are too smart for that. Nebraskans know that Ben Nelson needs to be replaced next November and that I’m going to be the guy to do it.”
Public opinion polls back up Bruning’s contention. Bruning leads the Republican field, though his margin over State Treasurer Don Stenberg and State Senator Deb Fischer has narrowed.
Bruning says defeating incumbent Democratic Senator Ben Nelson won’t be easy.
“It’s always difficult to beat incumbents. I don’t take him lightly and I don’t think any incumbent can ever be taken lightly,” Bruning says. “But, I think ultimately there’s a very clear distinction here between big government and small government, between his vote for Obamacare and my leading the lawsuit against it.”
Bruning raised more than half a million dollars in the last quarter. His campaign reports raising $583,000, more than his Republican opponents and even more than Nelson. The Nelson campaign reports raising $443,000 during the past three months.
Nelson reports have $3.1 million in the bank. Bruning has amassed a $1.6 million war chest.
AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:55 mp3]