Senator Nelson defends "Peas" TV ad, insists it's legal (AUDIO)

Sen. Ben Nelson defends his participation in Democratic Party-sponsored television and radio commercials and dismisses Republican complaints that his action violates Senate ethics and federal election rules.
The Nebraska Republican Party has filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission and the Senate Ethics Committee. The complaints allege Nelson illegally coordinated with the state Democratic Party on radio and television ads mostly paid for by the National Democratic Senatorial Committee.
Nelson doesn’t back down when a reporter asks about his response to the Republican complaint.
“We had legal advice on each and every one of the issues that you just raised and there’s nothing unusual about the other side filing action, because they get you to ask me that question,” Nelson responds.
AUDIO: Sen. Ben Nelson, Democrat :20 [mp3]
Nelson says appeared in a number of commercials sponsored by various arms of the Democratic Party. One ad paid for by the Nebraska Democratic State Central Committee and approved by Ben Nelson criticizes the three top Republicans running for his US Senate seat: Jon Bruning, Deb Fischer and Don Stenberg.

The ad, entitled “Peas”, begins with a clip from United States House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, discussing plans for Medicare. It contends Bruning, Fischer and Stenberg are three peas in a pod in agreement with Ryan. It ends with Nelson pledging to stop any plan, Republican or Democrat, which weakens Social Security or Medicare.