Gage County is cleared in sex discrimination case

The Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission is ruling in favor of Gage County in a gender discrimination complaint filed against the county by former Weed Control Superintendent Emily Rosenthal.
Gage County Board Chairman Rex Adams says he was told of the ruling by the board’s lawyer.
“They found the county not at fault,” Adams says. “We try all the time to do everything the correct way. I guess I’m happy it came out that way.”
Rosenthal had alleged sex discrimination by the county regarding employment advancement opportunities. The commission ruled evidence failed to show that Rosenthal was denied a promotion, due to her sex.
Rosenthal has 90 days to appeal the finding in a state district court.
Adams says an NEOC complaint filed by former Gage County Highway Superintendent Marlin Kliewer is pending a ruling.
Both Rosenthal and Kliewer resigned their positions with the county August 31st.
An investigation had been underway by a labor attorney on a complaint lodged by a highway department employee, alleging harassment. The outcome of that investigation is not yet known.
Doug Kennedy, KBWE, Beatrice