Website keeping track of state spending now updated monthly (AUDIO)

State Treasurer Don Stenberg

It might not be well known, but it does track how state government spends your tax dollars.
State Treasurer Don Stenberg has announced upgrades to the government spending website The website portal now provides updates monthly, rather than annually as before.
Stenberg says he hopes that as the usefulness of the website increases, awareness of it will increase. Stenberg relates a story during the news conference at the Capitol. He says that when his communications director began to call reporters about the news conference and its subject, some said they didn’t know Nebraska maintained a state spending website.
“So, if some of the news media is not aware that it exists, we can be pretty certain that a lot of Nebraskans may not be aware of it as well,” Stenberg says.
The Treasurer’s office maintains the website. It tracks government tax receipts and expenditures by office and department, providing a wide arrange of financial information about state government.
The website hasn’t attracted a lot of traffic, registering only between 1,000 to 2,000 hits a month. Stenberg says his office has made improvements on a shoestring. He says his staff at the Treasurer’s office took on extra duties and a vendor was paid nearly $2,500 to make the upgrades.
Stenberg says he hopes the website proves useful for a number of groups.
“Clearly, it’s a way for the news media to get information. I could see students doing a project involving state government. I think businesses could use it to look for business opportunities,” Stenberg says. tracks tax receipts and expenditures. It provides a breakdown on spending by office and department, with the amount spent and where.
AUDIO: State Treasurer Don Stenberg on government spending portal [3:05 mp3]