Details released in Omaha family's death

Gruesome details are released in the 2009 death of an Omaha family. Vanderlei Szesepanik, his wife Jacqueline and young son were renovating a building in Omaha when they disappeared in December of that year.
A preliminary hearing is underway for Jose Olveira-Countinho, one of the three men accused in the murders. A detective says Olveira-Cauntinho, Elias Lourenco Batista and Valdier Goncalves-Santos beat Szespanik to death with a baseball bat. The three tied up Jacqueline and forced her to write checks and provide them with ATM pin numbers. She was then hanged from a stairwell. Prosecutors say their 7 year old son died the same way. The detective says the bodies were dumped into the river.
Goncalves-Santos had pleaded guilty and testified against Olveria-Countinho who faces the death penalty. The third suspect has left the country.