This comeback was impressive, but win at Missouri in 2009 was better

Fans are already debating where this come from behind win against Ohio State ranks in the history of Husker football. Time will tell if this game deserves a billing as one of the greatest comebacks in all time.
It could have been bad dropping to 0-2 in Big Ten play, but if the season sours down the road, this game won’t have the same traction it does this week. If the Huskers rally and build off of this game, then we have another story…a similar story to 2009.
During 2007 and 2008, the Missouri Tigers ruled the Big 12 North and handled Nebraska football with ease. There was a confidence, a swagger building in Columbia that the tide had turned and it was now Mizzou’s turn to dominate the Huskers and they were going to do it with one of their own, a native Missourian who backed out at playing for the Huskers, Blaine Gabbert.
For three quarters on a rainy Thursday night in Columbia, it certainly looked like Missouri was going to win again. They were up 12-0 after three quarters, but two interceptions helped wake up an offense that was struggling (very similar to Saturday’s win where the defense came up big) and the Huskers scored 27 unaswered points to shock the #24 Tigers. This game, early in the conference schedule was essentially for the Big 12 North. The Tigers never recovered losing three of their next four games. This win was critical because the Huskers dropped their next two games as well, before rallying to win their last five to win the division.
So, the same can be said for this win over Ohio State. Very similar circumstances in terms of a must win early in conference play. This could be a game we look back on in December as a turning point to the season.