Early screening for colorectal cancer could save your life

An effort is underway to get more Nebraskans screened for colorectal cancer. Bobbie Bohnsack, with the American Cancer Society, says the agency is working on strategies to boost the number of people getting screenings.
Bohnsack says the guidelines for colorectal cancer say you should be screened from age 50 on up.
She says colorectal cancer is the third-most common diagnosed type of cancer and the third-leading cause of cancer deaths and “those are statistics that are very alarming.”
She says they need to target the people who are not getting their screenings.
“We know we have to introduce strategies that are going to help us get rid of those disparities,” Bohnsack says.
One of the things they’ve discussed is putting together a way for health care providers and clinics to help keep people informed.
Bohnsack says they need to get a system in place to be able to track and follow patients who need and are due for screenings. And if they receive a positive screening, to make sure they have the resources available to get the treatment that they need.
For more information, visit the American Cancer Society website at: www.cancer.org.