When religion and football collide (AUDIO)

Yom Kipper is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish faith. It starts Friday at sundown and continues for nearly 25 hours. That’s where the issue comes in for some Husker fans. On a day that includes fasting and intensive prayer and synagogue services, Joel Alperson, who is Jewish and an avid Husker fan, thinks he has a solution since the end of Yom Kipper and the start of the Husker game brings conflict for many who wanted to observe the holy day and attend the football game Saturday night.  Alperson on the conflict
Alperson says if you can’t get people to the synagogue, bring the synagogue to the people.  Alperson on his plan.  Alperson himself with miss the game. He will be attending synagogue with wife and family, but he wanted to help by bringing a solution to those who are struggling with which direction to go. Alperson says the Jewish Husker fans along with Ohio fans are more than welcome to attend the program in Lincoln.