New wildfire blazes near Stapleton, damage at $4 million

Strong winds whipped up another wildfire Thursday afternoon in Logan County, not far from where a blaze earlier in the week near Stapleton charred thousands of acres.
The new blaze flared up about 7 miles to the east of the original fire Tuesday afternoon near Stapleton. Sixty-mile-per-hour winds gusts help feed the second fire.
The fire apparently started south of Garfield Table Road, about 8 miles east of highway 83, jumping the black topped road and spreading to the north.
Earlier in the day, Logan County firefighters continued to battle hot spots on and eight-mile swath of land running along highway 83 and just to the west of Stapleton.
A combine spark is believed to have started the fire Tuesday afternoon south of Stapleton.
The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency estimated the damage from Tuesday’s fire to be near $4-million. Governor Dave Heineman has declared a state of emergency.
George Keltz, KXNP, North Platte