Study: Nebraska ranks #11 in car/deer crashes

A new report ranks Nebraska 11th in the nation on the list of states where motorists are most likely to hit deer.
Michael Pawlovich, a traffic safety engineer, says with all the corn grown in the Cornhusker State, the high ranking is no surprise.
“The deer like to bed down in the corn,” Pawlovich says. “Now that we’re harvesting it, right during the same time as the rutting and hunting seasons, deer are going to be moving around.”
Pawlovich encourages Nebraska motorists to be especially cautious for deer darting across roadways at dawn and dusk.
“If you see one deer, you might see another deer. If you’re driving and you do see a deer, it’s better usually to hit it than to go off the road and hit something else,” Pawlovich says. “Wearing a seat belt helps.”
Some states have launched campaigns that encourage motorists: “Don’t veer for deer.” He says this is the worst time of the year for car-versus-deer crashes.
“October, November and December, which is what we’re heading into, are the most problematic times,” Pawlovich says.
The report from State Farm Insurance lists West Virginia – for the fifth year in a row – as the state where a motorist is most likely to run into a deer. Rounding out the top five: Iowa, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
The study says the odds of hitting a deer in Nebraska are 1 in 110. In West Virginia, the odds areĀ 1 in 53.