No evidence found in search for O'Grady

Evidence Search The search for evidence in the 2006 death of 19 year old Jessica O’Grady ended just after 11:00 Thursday morning. Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning stated no evidence was found at the home of convicted murderer Christopher Edwards parent’s at 111th and Blondo.
Members of the Douglas County Crime Lab started digging under a concrete pad Wednesday after radar detected some type of mass about 18 inches underground. That mass turned out to be another piece of concrete. The Sheriff’s Office was acting on a tip.
In May of 2006, Christopher Edwards was living with his aunt at 120th and Blondo.
On May 10th, O’Grady had informed friends she was on her way to Edwards’ home and that was the last time anyone from her. Her vehicle was found several days later. In the following weeks authorities searched Edwards home and removed a large amount of evidence including a blood soaked mattress. Authorities believe O’Grady was killed with a Bangkok battle sword. Shortly after, Edwards was charged with her murder.
O’Grady’s Body was never found. Edwards was convicted of second-degree murder based on blood and DNA evidence. He was sentenced to 100 years in prison.