Nebraska Medical Center on pancreatic cancer – Steve Jobs death

The man behind Apple is being remembered after he died Wednesday at the age of 56. The cause of Steve Jobs’ death has not been released but Jobs stated in 2004 he suffered from pancreatic cancer and he did undergo a liver transplant two years ago.
Nebraska Medical Center surgeon Dr. Aaron Sasson is an expert on pancreatic cancer and says while they are making strides in research, more work needs to be done. He says the only option for treating pancreatic cancer now is surgery and that is only if it is detected early.
There are several contributing factors to pancreatic cancer. Dr. Sasson says obesity is an important factor as well as genetics. Smoking has also been associated with this cancer. He says unfortunately when someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer already have tumors spread to other organs which will cancel out any surgery. That leaves chemotherapy as the only option to treat the illness and the outcome often isn’t very good.
Women are more likely then men to get pancreatic cancer and the chances of getting it increase with age. More than 37-thousand deaths are expected this year from pancreatic cancer alone.