Nebraska lawmakers to consider property tax cut in 2012

Sen. Tyson Larson

While no tax is popular, many state legislators agree that property taxes, especially on agricultural land, get the most complaints.
Senator Tyson Larson, of O’Neill, says at least one bill dealing with property taxes will be carried over to the legislative session in January.
Larson says, “Senator (LeRoy) Louden from Ellsworth has a bill to change property tax valuations to where they could actually go down to 70% which would be very important to rural Nebraska.” The current rate is 75%.
Larson says dropping the property tax assessments in rural areas would draw a negative reaction from Nebraska’s urban senators.
“Moving it down to 70 (percent) would make a shift in state education funding which then turns into a rural versus urban issue,” Larson says. “Omaha and Lincoln senators don’t want to see that because then OPS and LPS, part of their pie in education funding will go down.”
He says rural versus urban fights are common in the legislature.
Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton