Motorists warned: combines on the road this time of year

With harvest underway, drivers will be sharing the roadways with large farm equipment. Deb Collins is the spokesperson for the Nebraska State Patrol and says the word ‘sharing’ is the key. Collins says harvest is underway along with school buses and people out enjoying the fall foliage.
With that in mind, many people who live in cities rarely leave the limits except on weekends. Collins says with a driver out of their comfort zone it can be quite a surprise to go over a hill and see a slow moving combine or tractor. Due to their size, the operator may not be able to see vehicles so motorists need to be careful when following, approaching or attempting to pass large farm vehicles.
Just because you may be in hurry, honking the horn to get the combine to move faster isn’t going to work. Collins says most of this equipment is huge and already using the shoulder and may be hugging that center line. This makes passing a difficult task.
Collins says farm equipment operators try their best to stay off busy highways but sometimes that is impossible to do. Operators also should display their SMV warning triangle and turn on the caution lights.