Congressman Smith: trade agreements = jobs (AUDIO)

Congressman Adrian Smith is pleased President Obama has submitted to Congress three pending trade agreements that he says can prove to be the shortest route to creating jobs.
The president has submitted proposed agreements to open trade with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.
Smith says the trade agreements are expected to create 250,000 new jobs nationwide. In Nebraska, more open trade with the three countries could increase sales as much as $123 million, primarily through increased agricultural exports.
Some unions had grumbled about the trade agreements. Smith says a small concession reduced their resistance and should pave the way for approval in Congress in the next couple of weeks.
Smith says the trade agreements will not just help the country’s economy. He says it sends a positive message to the world.
“Columbia is probably our best friend in South America,” Smith tells Nebraska Radio Network. “All these countries, they want to trade with the U. S. for obvious reasons and so it sends a great message to other countries and I think that will have an immediate benefit both commercially and geopolitically.”
The biggest impact, though, will be the economic impact. Smith says of all the talk in Washington about job creation, approving these trade agreements is the fastest route to actually getting that done.
“This is the quickest way to create jobs,” Smith says. “It develops even more friendships overseas and it does not require a check from the government.”
AUDIO: Brent Martin interviews Congressman Adrian Smith on trade agreements [5 min mp3]