Winter weather outlook for Nebraska hard to predict

As we put away the shorts and sandals and break out the boots and coats, the big question is snow or no snow… frigid or tolerable. Nebraska State Climatologist Al Dutcher says first the fall season will be smooth sailing. As to what the winter will bring, Dutcher says that is always a tough call because we sit smack-dab in the middle and any shift in the jet stream will impact the weather here.
Dutcher says if there is an El Nino or La Nina weather event predicting the winter is a bit easier for most areas. We are in a La Nina event now and that means it will be wetter and colder in the Pacific Northwest and northern Plains. The eastern Corn Belt will see wet weather and the southern one-third of the U-S it will likely be warm and dry.
Dutcher says since Nebraska is in the middle it is more difficult to determine which weather pattern we may experience. If the jet pattern shifts north, we could experience the wet weather but if it is from the north it will be colder with more snow.