Increasing on-line safety & responsible internet use

Children are growing up in a world where their social life is coordinated and communicated through their interactions on-line or cell phone. This has opened up an entire new set of problems for children that include predators, cyber bullying, harassment and many other threats.
Shannon Seeger is the spokesperson for the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) and says they teamed with Google to develop and promote a program to instruct younger internet users about safety.
Presenters will discuss cyber bullying, including messaging and on social network sites. There is also a growing number of children who are being stalking others using text messaging, including sexting.
Seeger says they hope to get the message across that even children need to maintain a positive reputation on-line and keeping personal information private could protect them from a predator. Information also includes how to be a good “internet citizen”.
A Digital Literacy Tour workshop will be held in Council Bluffs Tuesday, October 4th. One session will be for teachers only and is directed at helping to inform their students to be responsible online.
A meeting for parents, teachers and students will be held at 6:30 to 8:30 pm  at Abraham Lincoln High School. Senator Mike Gronstal is the guest speaker and will urge parents to start their own at home program for safe, healthy and ethical internet use.